Aisha's Felt Toys & Crafts!

  • A creation is an original brand of Aisha,29 year old adult with Autism. Arts and Crafts is her passion and one of her products is the felt toys and crafts. Felt toys are ideal for interactive play between adult and child. Also, Speech and Language therapists are using it for the therapy session with communication delay because it can create a lot of communication and interaction ideas while playing. Also felt crafts are another set of products which can personalized like. We have name decorations and key chains, purses, pencils, and iPad cases! More customized items. 


  • Because Aisha's talent, she can turn ordinary things into something beautiful and useful. Through her family's support and encouragement  Aisha can share her talent to everyone that can be fun and learning. Having a giving and helping heart, 20% of every item purchased will go to charity.


  • Aisha won the 2nd place in best selling products at the Enable Fair 2017 (SME Inclusion Fair for The Determined Ones) initiated by Desert Group's Social Enterprise Enable; is now presenting her products at our online store for a whole year.


  • You can also find Aisha's products at Dubai Garden Centre within the Enable Stand.


  • The aim is to empower Aisha to get into the retail world to hopefully start her own start up!


  • 100% of the proceeding goes to Aisha to empower her and make her experience the rewards of being an entrepreneur. 


  • Shop Aisha's amazing collection and keep coming back as there will be more of her products in the days to come!


  • We are proud of Aisha! Well done!