Ahmed's Fountains!

  • Ahmed Khalaf is a 26 year old talented student at Maitha Bent Rashid Rehabilitation Center in Hatta operating under Al Maktoum Fund. Ahmed is diagnosed with minor intellectual disability. He is one of the determined ones with an amazing talent to create hand made beautiful fountains from scratch. He developed his skills throughout the years to perfect the process of crafting such a flawless product. Ahmed's uses sustainable methods, by using recycled materials and raw natural items as well.


  • Ahmed won the 1st  place in best selling products at the Enable Fair 2017 (SME Inclusion Fair for The Determined Ones) initiated by Desert Group's Social Enterprise Enable; is now presenting his products at our online store for a whole year. You can also find Ahmed's products at Dubai Garden Centre within the Enable Stand.


  • The aim is to empower Ahmed to get into the retail world to hopefully start his own start up!


  • 100% of the proceeding goes to Ahmed to empower him and make him experiences the rewards of being an entrepreneur. 


  • Shop Ahmed's amazing collection and keep coming back as there will be more of his products in the days to come!


  • We are proud of Ahmed! Well done!